With the first tactical assertions of Rural Nexion, we are enforcing a clean up effort across the entire globe, as stewards of the forests it is our duty to enforce a strict no tolerance policy when it comes to littering, and defacement.

It began with us producing a biodegradable burlap bag that aids in trash grabbing while on the move. As well as being reusable, it bares the mark that we hope to spread terror in offenders far and wide.

The next phase was to deploy stickers that tag an area you have cleaned up and maintain, these are to be slapped on signs, bathroom walls, benches or anywhere that provides an appropriate viewing surface.


Our next steps begin with you…join our ranks and aid in the crusade against the blatant trashing of our world. Make those who tread the forest floors fear our ever watchful eyes.


! NEW: Stay Out, Stay Alive property signs in collaboration with Donnybrook Farms. Click image above to order.